Cultivate your inner game. Change your life. Transform the world.

You are invited to 30 Days of Mindful Living

Join Carley for a self paced transformational online journey of daily meditation to develop greater focus, flow, well being, and resilience.

  • Daily practices of the science and application of meditation for your whole life
  • Over 6 hours of videos, meditations, and mindful audios you can keep for continued practice
  • Inspirational content and articles
  • Self paced easy online course

Week 1

Awakening with Awareness

What does it really mean to awaken the mind—to be present, to be aware? Learn the foundations of concentration, presence, and emotional resilience.

Week 2

Let Love Rule

Love is the whole story. Embodying it fully is both path and practice. Move from your head to leading with heart as you see the good in yourself and others with the practice of lovingkindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

Week 3

True Embodiment

We are born moving. Learn how movement, sound, and nature connects us to our deepest wisdom and bridges a powerful link to our inner and outer worlds.

Week 4

Be the Light

True potential lives within the inner dimensions of the mind, heart, and body. Integrate the last 3 weeks of practice into a sustainable practice to bring your best self to work and the world.

Science Rules!

  • 25% increase in resilience to stress
  • 20% increase in emotional intelligence
  • 23% improvement in concentration
  • 18% increase in decision making
  • 25% increase of improved mood
  • 21% reduction in anxiety
  • 25% increase in compassion toward self and others

Real Love from Real Participants

``I feel confident, focused, and motivated…this program changed my life.``

“I was struggling to find the joy and purpose in my life and slipped into some negative habits. My relationships and health were suffering, my focus at work was lacking and I felt stuck.

The daily practices, group coaching calls and community really supported me to get my spark back. I feel confident, focused, and motivated for my life and the positive contribution I can make in the world.”


``I used to think of meditation as an indulgence, now I realize it is a necessity for me to thrive at work and home.``


``I can now be mindful of my emotions and let them pass versus being afraid of showing or feeling them.``


Meet Your Instructor

Carley Hauck is the founder of Leading from Wholeness specializing in transformative learning solutions and facilitation, leadership development, and executive coaching. Carley has had a meditation practice for 20 years and feels that self awareness is the first step towards conscious leadership at work and the world.

Carley is an adjunct instructor at Stanford University, Haas Business School and Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Carley is prolific writer and author on subjects pertaining to consciousness, well being, resilience, leadership, and meditation.  You can find her writing at Mindful Magazine, Conscious Company, and 15 Five.  Her upcoming book SHINE- Ignite your inner game to lead consciosuly at work and the world will be available February 2021 with Sounds True.

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