6 Ways to Lead Courageously in Uncertainty

Now more than ever, we need leaders who are able to act courageously, adapt quickly, and be willing to take a stand.

As a leadership development consultant and executive coach, I’ve specialized in helping leaders navigate crisis situations, re-organizations, embracing change, and courageous leadership.

In my work with hundreds of leaders and many different organizations from LinkedIn, Pixar, Genentech, Clif Bar, Bank of the West, and high growth start-ups, I’ve discovered there are a few internal “inner game” qualities that support leaders to thrive during challenging times. The cultivation of these 6 leadership qualities can make a leader out of anyone.

Be Present

In uncertain times and when big changes unfold, it is important to stay grounded and present. Many of us are feeling distracted and we can bring our attention to what is most important by concentration practices. Take life one day at a time and keep asking yourself:

What can I control?

The Role of Male Allyship in Conscious Leadership and Business

Without the avid support of men, significant progress toward ending gender disparities is unlikely. Here’s how to enroll — and be — male allies.

Creating workplaces that support diversity, inclusion, and belonging requires leaders to lean into discomfort, embrace a different mindset, lead with heart, and instill safety and trust in their communications and behaviors throughout the organization. One pathway forward toward creating a culture of belonging is to empower allies at work.

What is an ally? An ally is someone who is not a member of an underrepresented group but who holds positions of privilege and power, and who can advocate and take action to support less represented groups. Allyship is incredibly important so that everyone and their contributions are not only invited to the table at work but also heard and acknowledged.

As women and other minority groups have become painfully aware, the most dominant and powerful group in the workplace and the world are men.… READ MORE...

Cultivate Commitment to Inspire the Leader Within

Our inner game directs our outer game. How developed is your inner game? When you listen to what you most care about and align those values in how you lead yourself and in business, you will triple the bottom line for people, planet, and profit. When you lead from your heart, all actions align with that clear vision, purpose, and mission. It probably comes as no surprise to you that leaders aligned with purpose have been found to financially outperform the market average by 42 percent. Additionally, these purpose-driven leaders and organizations cultivate a strong culture of trust, loyalty, and commitment because their effort and mission is to contribute to the greater good. The inner game rules the outer game—at work and the world. In my experience, conscious leaders have a supreme inner game going on.

As a leadership and organizational development consultant, I have created many training and development programs for businesses and academia that support increasing a conscious inner game and thus a resilient and courageous outer game.… READ MORE...