Cultivate Commitment to Inspire the Leader Within

Our inner game directs our outer game. How developed is your inner game? When you listen to what you most care about and align those values in how you lead yourself and in business, you will triple the bottom line for people, planet, and profit. When you lead from your heart, all actions align with that clear vision, purpose, and mission. It probably comes as no surprise to you that leaders aligned with purpose have been found to financially outperform the market average by 42 percent. Additionally, these purpose-driven leaders and organizations cultivate a strong culture of trust, loyalty, and commitment because their effort and mission is to contribute to the greater good. The inner game rules the outer game—at work and the world. In my experience, conscious leaders have a supreme inner game going on.

As a leadership and organizational development consultant, I have created many training and development programs for businesses and academia that support increasing a conscious inner game and thus a resilient and courageous outer game.… READ MORE...

How to Deal with Anger at Work

We are emotional beings. Expressing emotion during a bout of frustration or fear isn’t something to hide, nor should it induce guilt or shame. Yet I see a different picture when I visit workplaces to teach emotional intelligence and resilience. Students often tell me privately, “Emotions are not welcome at work.”

In many work environments, expressing emotion is seen as unprofessional. But when we’re compelled to check our feelings at the door, we tend to disengage from our duties, feel alienated from our team members, and have less creativity. No one feels comfortable showing who they really are.

Researchers from the likes of Google and MIT find psychological safety to be one of the most important elements of successful teams — and thus high-performing organizations. Psychologically safe workplaces create space for teams to share feelings, needs, and truth without reprisal or punishment, and they foster an environment in which people can share their wholes selves.… READ MORE...

3 Ways to Battle Burnout and Become a More Mindful Leader

Too many leaders feel the need to produce constantly, and the resulting burnout is bad for us, our jobs and our relationships. This corporate well-being consultant thinks a simple mindset shift can help.

Anne is a leader in a large technology firm. She and I have a longstanding coaching relationship, and she comes in when she needs extra guidance or support. When she called me this time, she said, “Carley, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.”

When Anne came to me with this news, I helped her make some wise and quick treatment decisions, but it felt imperative that we also speak about her well-being. I knew from working with Anne that she is a driven “go getter.” We often spoke about how she tended to push herself too hard by working 10 to 12 hours on top of a long commute and how she needed more sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and breaks.… READ MORE...