Carley’s Daily Rituals
to Lead from Light
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Carley Hauck is a torch lighter and the founder of Leading from Wholeness. A leadership development consultancy which designs, facilitates, and develops impact learning and leadership initiatives, trainings, and coaching to support leaders and business to instill belonging, trust, purpose, and flourish. She also teaches on the subjects of conscious leadership and business at Stanford University and UC Berkeley Haas Business School.

  • Do you feel stretched by the demands of life, virtual work, and wanting more ease, self care, focus, and tools for this new world?
  • Do you want to design a life around what really matters to you?
  • Do you want to bring your best and whole self to work and your life?
  • Would you like to learn some powerful rituals that will support you to lead a confident, vibrant, and meaningful life? YES!
  • You are not alone. You will receive bi-weekly inspiration of articles, tools, free webinars, and with the transformational podcast on conscious leadership and business, SHINE and offerings that will support you to be the light and shine your light!

This is the dawning of a new era and we can be part of the paradigm that is rising and awakening for a world that is harmonious, collaborative, and sustainable.  It begins here. I believe that we are in a pivotal time in the world that requires us all to get clear on the answers to these two questions.

“What am I standing for?”

“How do I lead myself and others from LOVE?”

Love is the answer to the bigger problems our world is facing (climate change, poverty, inequality, disease, etc.).  Leading from our hearts and inner light is the way forward.  To lead from light, we need rituals that tend to our inner fire.  These are daily practices that develop focus, bigger picture thinking, nourishment, courage, and creativity.  I have identified 5 game changing rituals you can infuse into your daily life to bring your whole self to work and the world.  I have brought these rituals into workplaces such as like LinkedIn, Bank of the West, Pixar, and many startups, as well as academic institutions.

These rituals support me to continue to bring a confident and conscious inner game to the world every day.  At the end of the day, the shift is about being the light and shining the light.

Carley has created Lead from Light for you.

Get 5 game changing rituals to ignite your inner conscious game and bring a confident, courageous, and resilient outer game.

Welcome to the tribe.

I feel so happy you are here.