Leading courageously

Would you like to create more focus, motivation, self- care, and resilience?

Are you seeking conscious practices and game changing skills that will uplevel your potential and capacity to bring your best self to work and the world?

Would you like to adapt wisely to new challenges instead of reacting impulsively?

Would you like to create an easy and energizing well-being routine so you create more vitality and healthy boundaries between work and home?

The Leading Courageously program by Carley Hauck is an virtual group coaching program for aspiring, emerging, or senior leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers who want new and game changing tools to increase their resilience, create effective and connected conversations, uplevel your self care, and focus.

This program is full of data driven tools and practices that Carley has developed and been teaching at Stanford University, Haas Business School and with thousands of team members and leaders at companies such as LinkedIn, Pixar, Bank of the West, Asana, and many more.

Leading Courageously is based on Carley’s body of work teaching and coaching the foundations of conscious leadership. These practices and tools are also in Carley’s upcoming book Shine- Ignite your inner game to lead consciously at work and the world.

The truth is we are at a precipice of a new world and workplace being born. We need new tools, skills to be the leaders our world needs now. We are wanting a deeper sense of place, belonging, and purpose that is beyond the superficial, materialism, and individualism. Leaders of every generation are being beckoned into a new way, a new mindset, a new operating model in which we can bring our wholeness to work and the world. We want to reconnect with our true inner nature and create soulful organizations that enhance one another and life.

Are you wanting to design the next phase of your life?

Do you feel stuck and know you need to make some changes, but need more clarity and support in which direction to go?

Would you like to be part of a group that will support one another to rise, show up, and speak up in transformational ways?

Registration is open for the summer session.

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On the call, we will partner and identify a plan to move you from where you are to where you want to be, so you can thrive and lead from courage.

Join this deeply transformational experience and group, at a fraction of the cost of my one on one coaching sessions

Develop the skills you need on the inside to rise, show up, and speak up with resilience, courage and authenticity on the outside.

Enhance your focus, motivation, and purpose

Self Awareness is the most powerful tool for change and growth. Expand your awareness through powerful meditation and embodiment exercises to enhance your focus, motivation and listen deeply to your values so you can lead with purpose. Understand your strengths and see your blindspots, so you can bring your gifts to work and the world in the most confident and powerful way. You will learn powerful practices to commit to your deeper knowing, own your yes, gain greater focus, clarity, and vision for your life.

Build Emotional

We are creatures of emotion, and as much as we wish we could leave all of our emotional thoughts and feelings at home, it is not possible. The more emotionally intelligent and resilient we are, the greater capacity we will have to lean into discomfort and transform our emotions into joy and inspired action. The tools and practices shared in this session will be your new super power in making better decisions, shifting the mood of your team, and creating trust and safety in your relationships.

Cultivate Grace
& Grit

Collectively, the world is struggling with stress, fear, and more pain today than we have ever seen it.  When we are perceiving the intensity of stress individually, there is no possibility of coming together to solve the larger problems we are facing collectively.  We will cultivate strong inner resources that are robust and hardy and you will lean on the group to tap the collective intelligence and experience of others going through similar challenges. You are not alone. You belong and we have your back so you can thrive in the areas that matter most to you.

Rock your Self Care

We are all feeling stretched in new and novel ways.  Our boundary between work, home, and our screens is a very thin veil. It is essential we nourish the body temple well.  In this powerful session, you will learn tools, easy self-care routines, and ways to create better boundaries with your family, friends, colleagues, and screens so you can enhance your vitality and health.  This module will inspire you to prioritize your well being and the see the ultimate link between self-care, happiness, resilience, and high performance.

Embrace All Your Parts

Discover what is most important to you. Learn the stories that are holding you back. Explore who you are now and who you want to become.  Embrace all parts of you so you can lead with authenticity, create deeper connection, safety, and vulnerability with friends, family, and team members in our virtual world. You will be dared to go deep and grow in ways you’ve previously found difficult or even impossible. Using the power of the group, we will rise together and shine.

From Conflict to Creative Breakthrough

Do you shy away from conversations that could create conflict? We all do. To be the leaders our world needs now we must learn a new tool box for communication.  It is more important than ever to lead with empathy, embrace conflict, get real, and learn the tools that support courageous and connected conversations in our virtual world. You will gain confidence in giving and receiving feedback, motivating others, and enhancing your connections in a virtual environment.

Is this for you?

Who’s it for?

You are an aspiring or senior leader, founder, entrepreneur, or manager. You want to bring the revolutionary game changing tools of conscious leadership and business to your work and life.

What will you gain?

Cultivate powerful new tools and practices that will enable you to redesign your life around what truly matters to you.  Enhance your focus, resilience, empathy, self care, and connection in our virtual world.  Learn what your strengths are and create a life that supports you to live your purpose in service of the world.

Find your tribe of like minded individuals committed to this new era of leadership and living.  Share authentically, be empowered, and rise in 2020 with a strong network of support.

Who is your Coach?

Carley Hauck is Founder of Leading from Wholeness and the Shine Leadership System.  She serves as an executive coach, leadership developer, author, Stanford Instructor, and culture builder. Carley also produces the Shine podcast (subscribe in iTunes) with 15 years of experience working with some of the most cutting edge startups, founders, entrepreneurs, and senior leaders. She is committed to helping people transform their lives, reclaim their wholeness, and live and lead in service of the greatest good for all.

What You Get

Reclaim your power and lead with courage

Begin with an in-depth coaching session with Carley where together you will partner to bring your best and whole self forward.  Carley will assess strengths, blindspots, and tailor a 3 month transformational journey to your unique goals and needs.

Powerful Group Coaching Experience

Two 90 minute-long video group coaching sessions per month.  You will be paired in a pod of like minded individuals to learn, grow, and manifest with over the next 3 months.  These sessions include your live participation, interaction, coaching exercises, group discussions, and supportive accountability from a group of individuals just like you.

One-on-One Coaching

1:1 sessions with Carley to support your growth and transformation.

Worksheets & Tools

Between sessions keep up the momentum with tools, meditation audios, and empowering exercises for daily life.

Exclusive Online Forum

An exclusive online forum for rich interaction with your group as a place to share progress, get advice, make introductions for networking, utilize resources, receive encouragement, and gain feedback.

You Belong Here

Optionally team up with a learning partner by phone or video each week to further enhance your ability to change.

Adjust to Your Schedule

All sessions will be recorded in cases where you are not able to attend live.


Three-month initial commitment with an option of a three month re-enrollment thereafter.


Two 90 minute virtual meetings a month, they can be attended by video, audio, and all calls will be recorded. Next cohort begins July 2020


Online community committed to supporting each other and optional dedicated learning partners to further your growth.


Self-awareness, understanding your strengths, feedback, trainings, meditation, embodied exercises, self-rediscovery, coaching and powerful tools.


Everything shared in the group stays in the group to create a safe space for exploring even the trickiest challenges.


A fraction of the cost of one-to-one coaching. Cost is $250 per month for as long as you are a member. Refer a friend and both of you receive a 10% discount ($97 savings).
Sheryl O- Loughlin-400

Carley illuminates a pathway for anyone with the call to lead with research, new skills, practices, and compelling stories that will truly inspire you to rise. You will never see leadership the same way.

Sheryl O’Loughlin

Former CEO of Rebbl –
Co Founder- JEDI Collaborative


Carley’s guidance and tools supported me to find my voice, confidence and power to step into a leadership role at Pixar. Through coaching, I was able to see my blindspots and grow my mindset and skills to the next level. Carley supported me to bring my whole and best self to work. I feel more confident for any difficulties or challenges that arise. I know I have the resources within to meet them.

Susan Salituro

Lead Configuration/Release Engineer at
Pixar Animation Studios

Linda Lockwood

Carley is a breath of fresh air. Our company has been increasingly focused on how to offer new leadership skills and training to our diverse population. The discovery of Living Well Awake and Carley’s ability to take the demanding, fast paced world around us and reduce it to a moment in time – that if mindfully considered – can support team members to incrementally increase their leadership competencies, compassion, and executive presence – has been met with overwhelming interest and participation. Her gentle approach and tailored, evidence based topics are delivered by a passionate, driven academic in the leadership space.

Linda Lockwood

Senior VP HR Bank of the West

Tessah Danel

As a strong female leader, Carley engages with the hearts and minds of both men and women. She is professional and passionate about designing programs to fit the needs of a corporate environment. Carley brings forth a positive, motivating and powerful message about living a happier and healthier lifestyle by promoting work-life balance, emotional intelligence and resilience. With our company in transition, Carley’s team building skills allow for a safe environment, enabling people to achieve their personal and professional goals and become their true authentic selves.

Tessah Danel

VP Sr Ld BBC Deposit Manager at
Bank of the West

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