All programs and services at Leading from Wholeness help clients:

Cultivate the whole person.
All our programs encourage and train the mind, body, and heart for emotional, relational, and somatic intelligence.  We can bring our best and whole self to work and the world.

Promote self-awareness. Self-observation and self-awareness are the foundations for cultivating wisdom, compassionate workplaces, and leading with empathy and resilience.

Develop new behaviors. Adopt new behaviors through applied practice in real time, on the job, and in life.

Empower a learning culture . Our programs up skill leaders and support a learning culture by building high performing, inclusive, innovative and purpose driven teams through new skills, individual, team, and group coaching.

Develop lasting meaningful change. Personal and professional development is like planting a seed and watching it grow. Our programs ensure that growth and learning create positive sustainable impact.

The services and programs at Leading from Wholeness are built on a foundation of scientific based evidence and research and human centered design.

Bottom line, they work.

Ready to change the culture of work from meh to amazing!
You are in good company.

Clif Bar

Ready to change the
culture of work from
meh to amazing!
You are in good company.




Founder/Chief Love Officer

Carley’s (she/her) highest values are harmony, service through joy, learning and growth to create positive change in the world.

Carley is a highly skilled innovator, strategic designer, organizational and leadership development consultant, keynote speaker, executive team coach and author.  Since 2010, she has partnered with business stakeholders at leading Fortune 100 companies and high-growth startups to understand their organizational, leadership development, and culture needs.

She has over 15 years experience in developing and delivering change management, training, high impact team interventions and inclusive leadership/manager programs at scale at institutions including Bank of the West, Pixar, Intuit, Capital One, LinkedIn and many others.

She has strong expertise in designing and delivering highly effective engaging blended learning programs for high potential or specialized business needs.  These programs have reached thousands of employees.  She has directly coached and mentored over a thousand senior executives and mid-level managers across 10 leading organizations to radically improve engagement, inclusion, leadership competencies, and employee resiliency skills.  Carley brings a rigorous research approach to her work to ensure that successful evaluation of programs fulfill audience participation and critical business outcomes.


Since 2013, Carley has served as an adjunct instructor at Stanford University and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.  and facilitates powerful courses on leadership and management.

Carley’s book SHINE-Ignite your inner game to lead consciously at work and in the world debuted February 2021 with Sounds True and was named one of the best books to read in 2022 by Mindful magazine.

She holds an MA in Organizational Psychology. She is certified in the IEQ-9 Enneagram Leadership Assessment, a Psychological Safety Practitioner with the Fearless Organization, and a certified collective trauma facilitator with Thomas Hubl.

Carley loves being outside on the trails in nature, practices yoga and meditation everyday, enjoys cooking healthy plant based meals, singing, and stand up paddleboarding.

Diana File

Research/Data Analytics

Diana File (she/her/hers) is an organizational data scientist with a focus on bringing measureable, evidence based approaches to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice (DEIJ) across institutions. She has spent 15 years driving results for multi-national corporations such as NASDAQ, Genentech, Verizon, and Planned Parenthood, as well as small businesses and start-ups around the world.

Diana uses neuroscience and her deep knowledge on emotional and relational intelligence to empower companies to build highly diverse, inclusive teams that break records in productivity, collaboration, and profit.

A former Israel Defense Forces organizational psychologist. Diana holds a BA in Psychology from Yale University and an MA in Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is fluent in English, Hebrew, and Russian.

Diana lives in New Jersey with her two children and husband.

Duncan Drechsel

Executive & Team Coach/ Facilitator

Duncan Drechsel (he/him) draws upon his twenty-plus years of experience building, leading and launching businesses ranging from start-ups to large organizations. He serves as a catalyst for change, working to develop high-performance cultures built on a foundation of authentic leadership.

Through a seasoned blend of leadership coaching, meditation and awareness practices, assessment and facilitation, Duncan guides organizational transformation and increases people’s capacity to lead. He has an MBA from Cornell University and is certified in the IEQ-9 Enneagram Leadership Assessment, Thomas Kilman conflict instrument, and the Coaches Training Institute.

He has successfully served clients and companies including: Linkedin, Hewlett Packard, BioMarin, Bank of the West, Clorox, Salesforce and many more.

Duncan lives in Marin County with his two sons and enjoys his daily meditation practice, hiking or riding the beautiful trails nearby.

Neil Pretty

Team Coach/Facilitator

Neil Pretty (he/him) is a serial entrepreneur, dynamic facilitator, team coach, and was awarded one of Vancouver’s Top 100 Innovators in 2020.

He specializes in empowering organizations to increase Psychological Safety through training, coaching with several hundred teams and across the industries of technology, financial services, and high growth start ups.  He is the CEO of Aristotle Performance and serves as a training partner for the Fearless Organization.

Neil lives in British Columbia with his daughter, wife, and is an avid mountain biker, mountain, rock climber, and nature lover.

Johanna Lyman

Team Coach/Facilitator

Johanna Lyman (she/her/they/them) is a dynamic, energetic Leadership and Culture coach and consultant with over twenty years of experience of leadership development and culture change. She is a Certified Diversity Professional with deep experience helping organizations become more equitable and leaders become more inclusive.

She is adept at combining coaching, training, and facilitation to help clients build sustainably profitable businesses while creating deep meaning in their work. She quickly establishes rapport and creates a container of psychological safety, belonging, and deep trust with her clients and their teams. She believes that inclusion and diversity should be seen as the natural outcomes of building great cultures.

Clients have included tech companies, nonprofits, government agencies, financial services, manufacturing, and retail.

Johanna lives in Massachusetts with her husband, daughter, dog, and can be found enjoying the trails in nature and unplugged camping/hiking most weekends.


Technical Guru

Geej (he/him) has been a “tech-hungry” business owner for many years and has been designing and developing business platform websites and dynamic, market-worthy videos for independent entrepreneurs for just as long. He loves the world where technology, design, business and making money intersect.

One of Geej’s big passions is being a technical resource and helping hand for business owners who need to navigate the sometimes confusing and overwhelming technological universe. He started Your Media Magician to be a liaison between the creative and technological worlds for heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches and healers.


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