Inspiring those with the call to lead

Do you feel that you are moving at such a fast pace that your relationships are transactional and you and your team at work are feeling burned out?
Would you like to work smarter, not harder so you lead from a place of grace and confidence?
Would you like to push re-set and live and lead from what really matters to you?

If so, it is now more important than ever to make centering yourself and connecting with your internal world a priority. Work is endless, your life is not. Truly effective teams, and yes, even tight-knit families, place a high degree of importance on slowing down and creating space for presence, reflection and connection. The time is now to make a shift.

I am so glad you are here.  It takes courage to pause and say “No” to what isn’t working ,to look up and reach out for support so you can be the leader and person you were meant to be.

I started my business in 2010.  In the beginning, I did not have the tools nor had I developed a conscious inner game to be the leader I was meant to be.  For the first five years of my business, I was working 60 hour weeks  and I prioritized work over my relationships, play, sleep.  My inner task master and critic was in full drive.  I love my work and going at this pace resulted in feeling the beginnings of burn out.

I took a big re-set and became very clear that the next level of leadership and business will not be successful from the “always on” mentality, but instead the best leaders, managers and business will require a new operating system that embraces all of our parts, a conscious inner game.

Leaders and businesses can begin to shift to a new paradigm where businesses begin to compete not just for customers but for how they can be best for the world. When you listen to what you most care about and align those values in how you lead yourself, your colleagues, and in business, you will triple the bottom line for people, planet, and profit. When you lead from your heart, all actions align with that clear vision, purpose, and mission.

Our inner game rules our outer game.  It can feel daunting to lead from our heart if the challenges we face at work and in the world are more complex than the qualities and resources we have on the inside to meet them. If we can evolve and grow our inner game, and hence our leadership, to be as complex as the challenges we need to solve together, we can flourish.

Conscious and inclusive leadership comes from being connected to the deepest parts of ourselves.  A conscious and inclusive leader is one who takes time to cultivate stillness, self-awareness, gratitude, love, generosity, authenticity, well-being, and wisdom.  A leader who embodies these qualities on the inside, shines on the outside.

I don’t just support my clients, I awaken leaders.

I am 100% committed to guiding and
challenging you in the most resourced and
compassionate way.

I observe my clients accomplishing profound change in our work together. My clients and I work as a team where we both invest equally to ensure success and growth. Most of my clients call me “a one stop soul coach“.

You already have the wisdom inside. My role is to help facilitate the discovery with resources, support, and tools.

I would love to work with you and support you to shine your unique light in the most authentic of ways.

I am 100% committed to guiding and
supporting you in the most resourced and
loving way possible.

I observe my clients accomplishing profound change in our work together. My clients and I work as a team where we both invest equally to ensure success and growth. Most of my clients call me “a one stop soul coach“.

My style is warm, interactive, compassionate, and direct. It is my belief that each client has within them the knowledge and power to heal and grow. My role is to help facilitate the discovery with resources, support, and tools.

I would love to work with you and support you to claim your whole self.

11 things that lead me to this work

  • I have spent almost 20 years of my life practicing and studying Buddhism. I am a graduate of Spirit Rock Meditation Centers 2.5 year Dedicated Practitioners Program.
  • Since 2013, I have been teaching on various classes related to leadership at Stanford University and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.
  • I love research. I have been a lead consultant on several studies with UCSF’s Osher Center of Integrative Medicine and others observing the long term benefits of mindfulness as it relates to weight loss, emotional intelligence, stress resiliency, and well being.
  • I have created validated research measures to assess important leadership competencies and team health & trust.  Psychological safety is essential to support high performance, trust, and inclusion within teams and culture.
  • I am deeply driven to support the next level of leadership and business to be a force for good in the world.  My new and acclaimed book- Shine-Ignite your inner game to lead consciously at work and the world will be a wonderful resource for you to become a conscious and inclusive leader.
  • I am a change agent and feel passionate about supporting work places to lead with heart and create positive impact in the world. I have developed large scale leadership, training, and development programs for worksites such as LinkedIn, Clif Bar, Pixar, Genentech, and Bank of the West.
  • I work under the umbrella of executive coach. I blend my training and over 3,000 supervised hours as a psychotherapist, my deep meditation and dharma wisdom, integrative medicine, positive psychology, embodiment, and organizational psychology into my coaching. I have successfully coached thousands of clients in how to access the greatest possibility for their leadership and lives.
  • I have been studying the Enneagram for a decade and I am certified in the Integrative Enneagram Assessment (IEQ-9).  I love using this tool with leaders and teams. It has the ability to uncover blindspots, show your core motivations, fears and essence while understanding the importance of personality and in the context of business, decision making, conflict, and relationship.
  • I am certified in Thomas Hubls 6 month intensive program on Healing Collective Trauma.
  • I find joy and refuge in nature and you can find me weekly hiking, walking barefoot, trail running, or meditating in beautiful places in nature.
  • I am deeply committed to being an ally and I love working with all types of people and invite my clients to bring their whole selves and all identities to our work. You are seen, heard, and welcome here.


1:1 executive coaching. I partner with leaders and help them identify their biggest challenges and blindspots, while focusing on shifting mindset, leading from heart, and expanding their innate strengths and potential for their life and leadership.


Learning and development requires self awareness, individual and group practice.  Our evidence based training and development supports greater trust, psychological safety, collaboration, belonging, insight, and innovation.


Leaders share many of the same challenges, one person’s work is everyone’s work.  This group is a place for leaders to practice conscious leadership tools, identify goals, create agreements for trust, interpersonal risk taking, healthy conflict, and build belonging. a>

At your level of success, the next stage of development is to cultivate a strong inner game so that your outer game as a leader and in life has lasting positive impact.  Whether you are leading a major corporate initiative or deeply immersed in a humanitarian or mission driven project, your internal resources will make all the difference for how you show up.

In your work with me you will learn how to:

  • Develop self awareness
  • Shift your unconscious patterns
  • Heal and grow
  • Lead from heart
  • Inspire safety, trust, belonging, and authenticity with your team and organization
  • Be the calm in the storm when the pressure is on
  • Model emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Lead with joy
  • Create the positive impact you were born to make


My style is inquisitive, compassionate, direct, and fortifying. I will support you to shift your mindset, resource you with the tools you need now, reinforce your unique strengths and genuine brilliance, so you can bring your greatest potential and purpose to the world.  You are ready.

Be the light,



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