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Carley Hauck is an expert on conscious leadership, high performing teams, and creating flourishing cultures at work. She is an inspiring speaker who offers important insights and tools to support the new paradigm of conscious business that can adapt resiliently to disruption. Her new book Shine- Ignite your inner game to lead consciously at work and in the world was voted one of the top 10 business books to ready in 2022 by Mindful magazine.

She designs, directs, and delivers innovative and impactful learning and leadership development programs, trainings, and keynotes for purpose driven organizations including: LinkedIn, Pixar, Littler Mendelson, Bank of Montreal, Capital One, Asana, and high growth start ups, and more. She has facilitated workshops at several executive leadership summits including: House of Beautiful Business, Conscious Company, UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and SHRM annual conferences.

Carley is honored to be a part of the AAE distinguished speakers bureau.

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Sample Speaking Topics

Have you ever been on a team where things just clicked? You had a common goal, communication flowed easily, goals and objectives for the project were clearly defined, there was a deep sense of trust, and everyone was willing to put in the hours needed for a collective win.

This kind of experience is possible with the right foundation of psychological safety, role clarity, effective feedback conversations, and collective accountability.

In this workshop, explore ways to create a team culture of self- responsibility and collective accountability that encourages trust, motivates high standards, and establishes clear expectations and agreements for success. You will be equipped with a framework to create collective accountability with your team members and get back on track when there is misunderstanding, missed deliverables, or ambiguity.

Collective accountability makes all the difference in whether outcomes are met and trust is sustained. Collective accountability means achieving what you agreed to with care and directness, while problem-solving together to chart a shared path forward.

How can we influence our teams, increase trust, and inclusion in the workplace? With all the changes and uncertainty in our world, it is more important than ever to cultivate and level up our “inner game” so we can be the change we wish to see at work and in the world. We have big problems like climate change, a worldwide pandemic, and a constantly changing business landscape, and we will be required to have the inner resources to meet these complexities. When we cultivate the inner game qualities of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience, love, well-being and authenticity, we can positively influence our workplaces and world to support the flourishing of people and planet.

This talk will teach you how to level up your inner game and bring your whole and best self to work. The inner game is the core of who you are. These are the qualities on the inside that determine how you show up on the outside at work, with your family, friends, and colleagues.

We are in a pivotal time of change, and it will require each one of us to transform individually and then together. Learn how to meet adversity head on and become a conscious and inclusive leader in this powerful presentation.

What makes a team successful? Why can one team build a lasting competitive advantage for an organization while another just creates dysfunction? Research tells us that the number one thing that separates successful and high performing teams from unsuccessful and less effective ones is the presence of psychological safety. In other words, it isn’t about how smart we are or about how teams are organized or structured, it’s about how we listen and treat one another.

Learn important ways you can create more safety, inclusion, and creativity with your team and culture in this talk. Walk away with a powerful framework for effective feedback conversations for growth.

The extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus have had a major impact on how we live, work, and operate. For a number of significant reasons, teams are finding it challenging to connect, collaborate, and partner with one another these days.

The powerful skill of emotional intelligence supports self awareness, self management, other awareness, and thus relationship mastery.

This talk is specifically designed to address the current challenges you and your team face, to inspire you to utilize this challenge as an opportunity, to connect you with one another in an authentic way, and to allow you to continue to empower one another and create powerfully in the midst of this difficult time.

A year into the coronavirus pandemic, burnout is higher than ever and “Zoom fatigue” is rife. In order to bounce back, it is essential we learn how to set compassionate boundaries to prioritize our individual, team, and company well-being.

Do you have a pattern of saying yes to others, but then feeling resentful later on? You are not alone. Learn to understand what a full body yes and no feels like and create a process to assert compassionate boundaries with co-workers, family members, and friends so you can thrive.

More people are waking up to the realities of the lived experiences of marginalized communities. As individuals learn more about how systems of oppression have shaped our culture, beliefs and workplaces, many want to take positive action in their workplaces but are unsure, afraid and overwhelmed of how to start.

This workshop is a safe space for small groups to learn about and openly discuss concepts, experiences and history related to diversity, equity and inclusion. It is designed for executives & individuals who are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for their teams but are relatively new to diversity issues. Ally skills will be cultivated so that we can learn to listen, speak up and build comfort around difficult discussions, and inform commitments to action.


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