The New Book by Carley Hauck


Ignite your inner game to lead consciously at work and in the world


Clif Bar

What makes a conscious and inclusive leader and business?

This new book by organizational and leadership development expert Carley Hauck gives you and your business a pathway for how to increase your skills while committing to actions aligned with social justice and environmental responsibility.

Carley draws on over 15 years of research and experience working with over hundreds of leaders and managers from companies like LinkedIn, Intel, Intuit, Pixar, Clif Bar, Bank of the West, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Stanford University, high growth start ups, and many more.

Every leader is unique in their skills, strengths, and weaknesses, but this book will illuminate the inner game skills that every person can cultivate and deepen to lead themselves and their teams with more presence, emotional intelligence, empathy, confidence, resilience, courage, and thus remeasure success to prioritize people and planet and inspire each business to be a force for good in the world.

Want to create a workplace and world that works for everyone? 

Would you like to create a foundation of psychological safety and trust to support the new paradigm and future of work ?

This book is for you if you believe that business can be a force for good! 

Shine is the book for you if you want to awaken the next level of leadership and business in yourself, at work, and be a force for good in the world. Carley Hauck illuminates a pathway for anyone with the call to lead with research, tools, practices, and compelling stories that will truly inspire you. You will never see leadership the same way.

Sheryl O’Loughlin

Co-founder J.E.D.I Collaborative and Women on Boards Project, former CEO REBBL

Book Passage, a San Francisco institution that has served the community for more than 40 years, have selected their top 10 picks and must-read books on innovation.

Shine was selected as one of the Ten Must Read Books for Innovators

What you will gain by reading this book

Increase Your
Self Awareness

More Empathy

Increase Your Confidence to
Engage in Healthy Conflict and Resolution

More Authenticity,
Trust, & Collaboration

Create a Culture of
Inclusion & Belonging

Triple the Bottom Line by
Prioritizing People and Planet


“Carley Hauck has compiled an extremely useful collection of research-backed exercises and advice for anyone who wants to become a better, happier, more effective contributor to the lives of those they touch.”

Dr. Amy Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership Management, Harvard Business School, Author of the Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth (Wiley, 2019)

“An important book for the complex and transformative times we are living and leading in. Carley Hauck charts a pathway forward of the essential game changing inner skills leaders and employees need to create a workplace and world that serves everyone. By embracing all parts of ourselves–the dark and the light–and leaning into learning new skills, Shine teaches that we can bring our best and whole self to work and our changing world.”

Chip Conley

American hotelier, hospitality entrepreneur, speaker, and author of Wisdom at Work

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Shine was written specifically for entire teams to read together. The book is filled with actions, ideas and practices that any group can use to enhance their culture, connection and performance. If you’re interested in ordering copies for your whole organization, feel free to contact us to discuss special discounts and additional offers for bulk orders.

Praise for Shine:
Ignite your inner game to lead consciously
at work and in the world

“More than an insightful toolkit for anyone looking to thrive in pressurized corporate environments, Shine is an emotional detox for the soul.”

Jennifer Brown

Diversity and inclusion consultant and author of How To Be An Inclusive Leader

“The practices, research, and authentic stories in Shine will inspire you to create a new kind of workplace and world that prioritizes people and the environment.”

Mike Robbins

Author of We’re All in This Together

“In this illuminating and kind book, Carley Hauck provides a field guide, brimming with wisdom and practice, to 21st century leadership. Shine is such a timely and deeply needed book, one urgently requiring attention during our complex times. This wonderful book will give you hope, courage, and a sense of wonder at what we might become.”

Dacher Keltner, Ph.D

Director of the Greater Good Science Center, Author of The Power Paradox

Nisha Paliwal-400

Shine is a great collection of topics ranging from emotional intelligence, vulnerability, resiliency to love and self awareness. Carley Hauck has broken each of these topics into very practical guide for wholesomeness. A must read for all of us who are aspiring to Shine and contribute to something greater than self.”

Nisha Paliwal

MVP – Enterprise Data and Machine Learning Capital One

“Carley Hauck gives us a playbook to build our self-awareness, strengthen our resilience, and live and lead with our lights on. The world needs all of us to Shine a little brighter right now.”

Scott Shute

Head of Mindfulness and Compassion programs, LinkedIn

“An important contribution by Carley Hauck to help business and individuals live in authenticity and wholeness. Shine exudes an honest and earnest care, and blends science, personal story, interviews, and optimism in a mix that will help any who cross its path.”

Fred Luskin, Ph.D

Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects and Author of Forgive for Good

“Carley Hauck offers us a valuable platform from which to both know one’s own self better, and then to bring that more aware self to the role of leadership by tuning into what matters most. Shine will help us all to realize exactly what we need to do first, next, and always to create a better workplace and world.”

Scott Krienes

Co-Founder 1440 Multiversity, Past CEO Juniper Networks

“Carley Hauck has been teaching others how to use their gifts to make this a better world for a long time now. In Shine, she’s finally put her experience into a wonderful, engaging book that can show us how to bring out the best in ourselves to support the flourishing of our workplaces and planet.”

James Baraz

Author of Awakening Joy and Awakening Joy for Kids. Co-Founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center


“This book belongs in the reference library of every leader today. Carly Hauck’s new book supports leaders, and anyone who would influence or manage other, to fulfill their responsibilities to their mission while also evolving their own consciousness. It shows how you really can “make yourself (a better person), while making a living.” The book teaches mindfulness practices, communication strategies, and conflict resolution skills that should be in the toolkit of anyone interested in being a fully functioning person.”

Dr. Susan Campbell

Author of Saying What’s Real: 7 Keys to Authentic Communication & Relationship Success

Jeff Brown-350

“Carley Hauck has done the unimaginable. She has woven the practical and the spiritual, the mindful and the heartfelt, the individualistic and the relational, in the perfect sacred balance. With her tools and insights, we are finally ready to co-create the kind of conscious capitalism that is utterly essential for humanity going forward. Without this, we are lost. Shine lights the way home.”

Jeff Brown

Author of Grounded Spirituality and An Uncommon Bond

Emanuele Mazzanti-400

“If you are a Leader committed to a more conscious leadership for the transformative era we are living in, then this book and Carley’s work are exactly what you need right now. Carley Hauck sustains the depth of the narrative with research-based methods and game-changing skills. What more can I say: embrace this journey with a beginner mindset and curiosity, and be ready to be touched, shifted, and prepared to lead with compassion and generosity, creating soul-nourishing workplaces that become forces of good in the world.”

Emanuele Mazzanti

Ernst & Young AB
Activating the Talent Development & Learning Agenda/ Nordic Talent Team


“Carley Hauck explores the deep well of the “inner game” to equip today’s leaders for the challenges we face now and will surely continue to face in the future. The “inner game” is really THE secret to successful leaders in these times. Packed with practical and (deceptively) simple suggestions and exercises, anyone who reads this book and practices the recommended exercises is sure to SHINE in leadership and in life.”

Johanna Lyman

Principal DEI Consultant of Kadabra Inc.