Embodying Courage

8 Weeks of new skills to adapt and lead courageously
in times of uncertainty

Easy, Transformational, Self Paced Online Course

You are invited into an 8 week journey of Embodying Courage

Would you like to embody boldness, courage, and confidence?

Would you like to adapt wisely to new challenges instead of reacting impulsively?

How do you lead yourself and others with greater compassion, presence, and transparency in times of uncertainty?

You will learn powerful leadership skills in self awareness, embodied movement, emotional resilience, communication, and purpose with expert teachers and thought leaders.

Join Carley and 8 expert teachers with exclusive LIVE Virtual instruction and online access to inspiration, new leadership skills, and powerful practices delivered to you weekly.

Embodying Courage gives you exclusive LIVE Virtual instruction and online access to inspiration, new leadership skills, and powerful practices delivered to you weekly to cultivate courageous leadership in times of uncertainty.

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Who is this for?


  • Anyone who feels called to lead. You don’t a title to lead in times of uncertainty.  All that is needed is an internal Yes and a desire to make a positive difference.
  • Human resource professionals, learning and development professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and/or individual contributors.
  • We need all people and all walks of life to be trail blazers and create new paths for a thriving resilient workplace and world.

Week 1

Getting Grounded

Are you in touch with the wisdom of your body? If we are to come into harmony with the world, we need more than adjustments to our way of living – we need a revolution in our understanding of ourselves. When we feel estranged from our bodies, we lose connection with each other and the greater world around us. The body is the doorway to healing and feeling. Learn powerful tools to find your center amidst uncertainty and listen to the innate wisdom and intelligence of your body.

Week 2

Transform Fear to Courage

How do you relate to change, stress, challenge? Do you freeze, do you fight, do you flee? What is your relationship like to fear? We all have different ways to feel and move with fear. In this session, we will learn how to grow our mindset when fear is here and step into who we are meant to be.

Week 3

Expressing Anger, opening to Forgiveness

What is your relationship to anger? Do you honor your boundaries? Do you respect your No? When you express anger in a healthy embodied way, you have the opportunity to connect more fully with your heart and others. When we feel and express our anger with vulnerability, we can cultivate compassion and gratitude, the doorways to forgiveness.

Week 4

Releasing Sadness into Surrender

How do you surrender to what is? How do you relate to sadness, disappointment, or grief? Some of us have been trained to hold back our tears as it shows weakness and vulnerability. When you give yourself permission to embrace and let in your sadness, your heart can expand and you can find the resolution needed.  Through feeling all our feelings, we can cultivate more resilience, empathy, creativity, and joy.

Week 5

Cultivating Joy to Generosity

What makes you feel joy? Sharing joy can be a powerful form of generosity. Gathering together engaging in dynamic celebration can be a playful way to express joy. When we give appreciation for what is, what we have, our friends, family, and co-workers, we create more joy and generosity in our lives. Learn how to access joy everyday and create a practice of gratitude, appreciation, and generosity in your daily life.

Week 6- Part 1

The Art of Setting Compassionate Boundaries

Do you have a pattern of saying yes to others, but then feeling resentful later on? Do you believe that you must come to the aid of others and often give to get? You are not alone. Learn to understand what a fully body yes and No feels like and create healthy and compassionate boundaries with co-workers, family members, and friends to be successful at remote work.

Week 6- Part 2

Leading with Compassion

How do you relate to the challenges in your life, with care or with criticism? Being with everything that arises and passes with kindness is leading with compassion. Turning toward the suffering in our world, can inspire a desire to be of service. Your unique purpose is the offering you can give in response to what the world needs now.

Week 7

Being Warrior

You have walked the pathway of a resilient and courageous leader in the last 6 weeks. This session expands on the previous with an emphasis on de-armoring and shedding what is no longer serving.  A warrior is willing to walk through life without armor, with authenticity, with transparency.  This session will support you to make new commitments to support the person you want to be and how you want to lead.

Week 8

Sacred Purpose

Through getting grounded, developing emotional resilience, and leading with compassion and service, we can step into our sacred purpose. Learn the role that sacred purpose can play in keeping us vital and focused in times of crisis and challenge. Discover how tuning into your sacred purpose can co-create the world you long for. This session will support you to excavate and humanifest your calling and prepare yourself to walk your truest paths at work and the world.

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Your Instructors

Carley Hauck- Your Guide

Carley Hauck, Founder of Leading from Wholeness and developer of the Shine Leadership System. She supports leaders and businesses to thrive during challenging times through bringing our wholeness to work and encouraging soulful organizations that prioritize people and planet first. Carley has over 12 years of experience creating transformational change with leaders and companies such as LinkedIn, Pixar, Clif Bar, Genentech, Bank of the West, etc.

Carley is an adjunct instructor at Stanford University and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business where she teaches on subjects related to leadership.. Carleys book Shine-Ignite your inner game to lead consciously at work and the world, will debut 2021 by Sounds True. It offers engaging tools, stories, and practices to awaken a new operating system for leadership and business to be a force for good in the world.

Phillip Shepherd

Week 1- Getting Grounded- Carley & Phillip

Philip Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment. His unique techniques have been developed to transform our disconnected experience of self and world, and are based on the vision articulated in his celebrated books, New Self, New World (2010) and Radical Wholeness (Nov 2017). He developed the practices of TEPP to help people reunite the thinking of the head with the deep, present and calm intelligence of the body. Unlike the prevailing view of embodiment – which involves sitting in the head and ‘listening to your body’ – Philip’s approach helps you listen to the world through the body.

Farshid Farrahi, MD

Weeks 2 & 3 – Transforming Fear and Anger- Carley & Farshid

Farshid Farrahi, MD, is a therapist, integrative child psychiatrist, and facilitator with Open Floor International. He brings over 15 years of experience with meditative inquiry, exploration of the psyche, and care of the Soul to the spaces he facilitates. He has co-developed a program in San Francisco for parents and teens with trauma, that integrates core movement resources with mindfulness-based emotional intelligence. He is delighted to share his passion for embodiment and healing.

Lori Schwanbeck

Week 4- Releasing sadness into surrender- Carley & Lori

Lori Schwanbeck is an expert in the conditions that enable people to thrive in personal and professional life. She is a senior faculty member at Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute where she designs and facilitates both in-person and virtual programs bringing mindfulness, compassion and emotional intelligence to organizations around the globe. Her clients include LinkedIn, Disney, The Kingdom of Bhutan, and Google. In addition to corporate training, Lori co-founded Mindfulness Therapy Associates, a psychotherapy and coaching practice in San Francisco. She specializes in working with high performing executives using evidence-based mindfulness practices designed to support emotional and relational health.

Larisa Stow

Week 5- Cultivating joy to generosity

Larisa Stow was born to wake, shake and create a vibration-raising revolution in her lifetime. She is a world renowned lead singer singer/songwriter of the band Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe, a sacred world mantra rock group. Larisas music and instruction focuses on the practice of kirtan, the ancient yoga of chanting, which creates bridges, unites hearts, cultures, and brings peace. Larisa has debuted at conscious raising festivals such as Bhakti Fest, Lightning in a Bottle and Bali Spirit Music Fest. Larisa also works with clients individually as a vibrational life coach.

Dena Samuels, PhD

Week 6- Part 1- Leading with Compassion – Carley and Dena

Dena Samuels, PhD, serves as a mindfulness-based diversity, equity, and inclusion author, speaker, leadership trainer, and consultant. As an award-winning tenured professor, Dr. Samuels taught at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs for 20 years while consulting nationally and internationally. She now consults full-time on mindful, inclusive leadership development. Her passions include inspiring people to raise their personal and social awareness to live more fulfilling, connected, and meaningful lives; and assisting organizations, campuses, and corporations in building more diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures.

LeeAnn Mallorie

Week 6- Part 2- The Art of Compassionate Boundaries- Carley & LeeAnn

LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO of Leading in Motion and sister firm Guts & Grace Leadership, helps leaders combat both meaning depletion and burnout by bridging the gap between hard-driving, business success and the deeper wisdom of the soul – using the doorway of the body. LeeAnn has over 15 years experience teaching transformational leadership and embodiment practice in a wide range of sectors, serving diverse organizations like Nasa, Zymergen, the Naval Air Systems Command and the Edna McConnell Clarke Foundation. Her women’s leadership handbook Guts & Grace was published by Conscious Capitalism Press in January 2020. It offers concrete, actionable doorway to greater power, ethics, influence, and impact at work.

Alessandro Moruzzi & Vehllia Tranne

Week 7- Being Warrior- Carley, Vehllia & Alessandro

Allessandro Moruzzi is a Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher, Accredited by 5RTA (5Rhythms Teachers Association) to teach both Waves and Heartbeat. He is the Co-Founder of The City Waves™ in San Francisco. Alessandro is also a musician, singer, designer, certified Holistic Health Coach and Swedish massage therapist from World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts SF. He was born, raised and spent the first half of his life in Italy, calling San Francisco home since 1983.

Vehllia Tranne is a Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher Accredited by 5RTA (5Rhythms Teachers Association) for Waves, and in training for Heartbeat level. She is Co-Founder of The City Waves™ San Francisco, Yoga Teacher Certified by Yoga Tree SF, and initiated into the tradition of stick divination of Dagara people. Vehllia has been celestially dancing before even learning to walk. She was born in Java, around the Ring of Fire, proud of her mixed heritage and dragon powers. She is a passionate healer, courageous shapeshifter, compassionate community leader, loyal partner and natural teacher.

Jeff Brown

Week 8- Sacred Purpose- Carley and Jeff

Jeff Brown is the author of many books and founder of SoulShaping Institute and started a grassroots publishing company called Enrealment Press. His latest book Grounded Spirituality is a brave revelation, which calls out and critically reviews ungrounded spiritualities, and presents a new model of authentic humanness, offering us a more integrated, embodied, and heartfelt path going forward.

Bonus Interviews

Dacher Keltner, PhD

How to foster your compassion & empathy in times of change

Dacher is the founding Director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and professor of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is author of the Power Paradox: How we gain and lose influence, Born to be Good, and co-editor of the Compassionate Instinct.

Dr. Fred Luskin

The power of forgiveness in challenging times

Fred Luskin, Ph. D., is the director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects, a senior consultant in health promotion at Stanford University, as well as an affiliate faculty member of the Greater Good Science Center. He is the author of 3 books among them Forgive for Good and Forgive for Love.

Real Love from Real Participants

``I feel confident, focused, and motivated…this program changed my life.``

“I was struggling to find the joy and purpose in my life and slipped into some negative habits. My relationships and health were suffering, my focus at work was lacking and I felt stuck.

The daily practices, group coaching calls and community really supported me to get my spark back. I feel confident, focused, and motivated for my life and the positive contribution I can make in the world.”


``I used to think of meditation as an indulgence, now I realize it is a necessity for me to thrive at work and home.``


``I can now be mindful of my emotions and let them pass versus being afraid of showing or feeling them.``


``Through Carley's instruction and embodiment exercises, I can lead from my whole self and this greatly benefitted the quality of my work...``

“I have received a lot of positive reinforcement for my intellect, ability to analyze, and prepare for the worst. Leading from my head and not my whole self didn’t serve me because I wasn’t attuned to my body, my feelings, and lacked empathy and awareness of others around me.

Through Carley’s instruction and embodiment exercises, I can lead from my whole self and this greatly benefitted the quality of my work, the connection and intimacy in my relationships, and I don’t get so reactive when change and challenge arise in my life.”


Embrace the Journey today. It is time to uplevel your skills and embody wisdom, heart, and courage in times of uncertainty.


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  • Each Virtual class will include a new leadership skills to support you to lead yourself and others through greater inner stability, emotional intelligence, resilience, and confidence and courage during this time of uncertainty.
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  • You will receive a unique library of videos, downloadable pdfs, embodiment and meditation audios.

2 Bonuses:

  • The power of forgiveness for relationship in challenging times- Interview with Fred Luskin, Ph.d and Carley
  • How to foster compassion and empathy in times of change- Interview with Dacher Keltner, Ph.d and Carley