The Joy in Letting Go

There is a lot of uncertainty and change out there right now. We as human beings crave predictability, but the only constant source of stability we can count on and cultivate is within. Now is the time to strengthen our wisdom, ignite our inner fire, and be the calm within the storm for ourselves and for each other.
I often ask my students, “What are you really hungry for now?” They don’t say French fries or more clothes. These are the common responses:

  • I want peace.
  • I want more time.
  • I want to feel more connected, and be able to stay in the present moment more often when I’m spending time with those in my life.

Seem like a tall order? Not necessarily. In fact, we can reach some of these goals by simplifying our approach to everyday activities and encounters. One practice that brings us closer to strengthening our inner stability is letting go.… READ MORE...