6 Week Virtual Course & Coaching

Cultivate the essential skills bold women leaders want to create a thriving workplace and world.

Apply now and learn how to bring your whole self to work with cutting edge science,
experiential learning, a supportive peer group and coaching.

Do you want to learn how to be a more conscious leader by developing leadership skills that elevate humanity?

Do you appreciate lifelong learning and personal growth?

Do you want to lead at work from a place of inspiration, joy, and purpose?

Conscious leaders have a greater sense of purpose than the bottom line; they know that leadership is about serving and following a call to elevate work and the world.

 A conscious leader:

* believes in lifelong learning and development

* leads with integrity, accountability, and authenticity

* honors the humanity of all their employees and clients

* is committed to the higher good of the workplace and the world

* cultivates the ability to respond vs. react to ups and downs 

* takes ownership for their mistakes, then forgives, repairs, and finds resolution

* invites team members to bring their full selves to work 

* deeply values cultures that support trust, belonging, and collaboration

Living Well Awakes blended learning online platform allows you to participate at your own pace from wherever you are. The blended-learning virtual classroom presents multiple options to experience both pre-recorded and live lectures, audios for home use, and to engage directly with faculty, and practice your skills with team coaching.

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Imagine meeting difficulty and
challenges with grace, creativity, and focus?

Upgrade your leadership skills

  • Develop right mindset and increase your resilience to stress
  • Enhance deep listening, compassion, and confidence
  • Cultivate the skill of focus as an individual, team, and organization
  • Lead from authenticity and create a safe, respectful, and inclusive culture
  • Cultivate compassionate boundaries for yourself and others regardless of the challenge.
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and empathy at work and in daily life.

Multiple Styles of Learning

  • Engage at your own pace with online lecture videos, written content, and guided exercises.
  • Interact directly with faculty with LIVE weekly group coaching calls.
  • Explore additional references and material provided.

6 Week Curriculum

  • Module 1- Begin your conscious leadership journey
  • Module 2- Express your emotions to leverage influence
  • Module 3- Create your recipe for resilience
  • Module 4- Lead with love
  • Module 5- Bring your whole self to work
  • Module 6- Own your voice with power & confidence

Research & Testimonials

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone interested in

developing core competencies of leadership for a constantly changing world.


  • Senior Executives
  • Mid-level managers
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Aspiring professionals or business students who want greater authority in their positions
  • A group of colleagues or team who want to advance their skills by learning and growing together



Founder, Living Well Awake

Carley Hauck is the founder of Living Well Awake a Bay Area Consultancy specializing in leadership development, training, and executive coaching. Carley has supported mission driven leaders and companies such as LinkedIn, Genentech, Bank of the West, Pixar, and many high growth start ups. Carley is adjunct faculty at Stanford University and Haas Business School and teaches courses on leadership. Additionally, Carley is an author and her writing can be found at Mindful Magazine, Conscious Company, and her first book on Conscious Leadership and business will be arriving in 2021 with Sounds True..

Faculty and Special Guests

Good words for Carley

“Carley illuminates a pathway for anyone with the call to lead with research, new skills, practices, and compelling stories that will truly inspire you to rise. You will never see leadership the same way.”

Sheryl O’Loughlin
CEO of Rebbl

Sheryl O- Loughlin-400

Linda Lockwood

“Carley is a breath of fresh air. Our company has been increasingly focused on how to offer a large scale Wellness Program to our diverse population. The discovery of Living Well Awake and Carley’s ability to take the demanding, fast paced world around us and reduce it to a moment in time – that if mindfully considered – can support team members to incrementally change – has been met with overwhelming interest and participation. Her gentle approach and tailored, evidence based topics are delivered by a passionate, driven academic in the Wellness space. Team members simply say – “we want more programs, more Carley, we want Wellness!”

Linda Lockwood
Senior VP HR Bank of the West

“As a strong female leader, Carley engages with the hearts and minds of both men and women. She is professional and passionate about designing programs to fit the needs of a corporate environment. Carley brings forth a positive, motivating and powerful message about living a happier and healthier lifestyle by promoting work-life balance, emotional intelligence and resilience. With our company in transition, Carley’s team building skills allow for a safe environment, enabling people to achieve their personal and professional goals and become their true authentic selves.”

Tessah Danel
VP Sr Ld BBC Deposit Manager at Bank of the West

Tessah Danel

What makes this course different
than other courses?

Blended Learning

Self-paced, interactive weekly online curriculum, live weekly faculty presentations with call-in Q&A sessions. Four additional expert speakers. Over 2 hours of audios and select resources are downloadable.

Community Connection

Engage with your fellow participants as peers in shared assignment forums and live Q&A. Participants have the option of networking and forming study groups via an online directory of classmates.

Register for the Women’s Conscious Leadership Program

The program dates:

October 21st – December 6th, 2019

The application only takes about 5 minutes to complete.