Got Bodhicitta?

I hope you are well. I returned from a week silent meditation retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, which has been my spiritual home for over 10 years. The focus of this meditation retreat was on the topic of Bodhicitta. One of the teachers, who was leading this retreat was my first dharma teacher, James Baraz whom you have heard me speak of and who is also one of the expert speakers in my Mindfully Nourished course. James is a wise & joyful soul who has been meditating and teaching meditation for over 30 years. We have been very close for over a decade and it was very sweet to sit with him this week.

What is Bodhicitta? It is the cultivation of aligning the mind and heart.

Take your hand out in front of you.
Turn your hand so that your palm is away from you. Look at the fingers.… READ MORE...