How to Choose Self-Compassion

When we listen to the nagging, negative voice inside our heads, we push ourselves too hard—and we push ourselves away, too. When you learn to love yourself, your relationships will improve for the better.

Try a loving-kindness day: pick a day, don’t schedule anything, and just see what you want to do. It could be reading a book, writing, or spending some time in nature.

I recently taught my annual women’s meditation retreat in Mexico. Every year at the retreat is beautiful and has its own flavor. This year’s retreat brought out the powerful themes of self-love and healing. The choice to take a week to slow down, really listen, and turn toward oneself when we often want to run or flee is an act of self-love, and in my opinion, courageous.

We often distract ourselves with negative habits that leave us depleted instead of nourished. At these times, I have found that the thoughts we feed our minds are directly linked to how we take care of ourselves.