Lead Yourself – Lead your life

In the last few years, I have been increasingly interested in the subject of leadership. To lead yourself and your life well, you don’t necessarily have to be in a leadership role in a company. Real leadership is remembering that you have choice in how you respond to everything that comes your way in life. When we lead from our innate wisdom and clarity, we can stay accountable to the choices we make and choose wisely. A person who leads and conducts themselves with integrity and from a calm, compassionate, and authentic place can have such an impact on everyone around them. We all influence one another, whether that is being a stay at home mom/dad or an executive with 300 employees underneath him.

How does one lead well?

Life can often feel overwhelming, there are many tasks and responsibilities to juggle, we have the constant of technology, we are responsible to friends, family, and we can’t give or support all of our life, if we aren’t taking good care of ourselves emotionally and physically.… READ MORE...