Nine Tips for Being a Male Ally at Work

Here are best practices for supporting diversity and inclusion at work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our work lives, particularly for women. As of January 2021, over 2.3 million women had left the workforce in the U.S. during the pandemic, leaving only 57% of women working or looking for work—the lowest rate since 1988. The pandemic seems to be setting back many of the gains that those who identify as women have made in the workplace in the past several decades.

This hurts women, businesses, and society. According to a 2012 study of 1,500 companies, “female representation in top management leads to an increase of $42 million in firm value.” Female leaders seem to be particularly important for companies thriving on innovation. Notably, the more women occupying a company’s C-suite and corporate boards, the better its sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

One pathway toward creating a culture of diversity and belonging is to empower allies at work.… READ MORE...

Creating a Culture of Compassionate Accountability

Imagine a pandemic, a crumbling American economy, and a huge outcry for more equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Yes, this all happened last year. We are only beginning to create new awareness, systems and structures that have the potential to create long term changes for our learning, growth and healing instead of division and harm.

A landmark study in 2016 in the Harvard Business Review by Frank Dobbin, PhD, professor of sociology at Harvard University, and Alexandra Kalev, PhD, associate professor of sociology at Tel Aviv University, found “the positive effects of diversity training rarely last beyond a day or two.”

To create a workplace and world where everyone can thrive and is living in greater harmony with the planet, it will require new standards of compassionate accountability.

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6 Ways to Lead Courageously in Uncertainty

Now more than ever, we need leaders who are able to act courageously, adapt quickly, and be willing to take a stand.

As a leadership development consultant and executive coach, I’ve specialized in helping leaders navigate crisis situations, re-organizations, embracing change, and courageous leadership.

In my work with hundreds of leaders and many different organizations from LinkedIn, Pixar, Genentech, Clif Bar, Bank of the West, and high growth start-ups, I’ve discovered there are a few internal “inner game” qualities that support leaders to thrive during challenging times. The cultivation of these 6 leadership qualities can make a leader out of anyone.

Be Present

In uncertain times and when big changes unfold, it is important to stay grounded and present. Many of us are feeling distracted and we can bring our attention to what is most important by concentration practices. Take life one day at a time and keep asking yourself:

What can I control?