Embody Satyagraha

I hope you had a good week. How was it to reflect on and limit your plastic consumption last week? Being mindful of consumption is such a wholesome practice.

As I shared last week, for the next few weeks I am inviting you to join me and thousands of others to take one specific action step everyday around a certain theme towards saving the planet. Yes!

Today, I wanted to talk with you about Satyagraha.

What is Satyagraha?

“Satyagraha” is a compound of the Sanskrit words satya (meaning “truth”) and agraha (“polite insistence”, or “holding firmly to”). Satya is derived from the word “sat”, which means “being”. Nothing is or exists in reality except Truth.

Truth therefore includes:

  • Truth in speech, as opposed to falsehood
  • What is real, as opposed to nonexistent
  • Wholesome, as opposed to evil, or bad.

​​​​​​​This was critical to Gandhi’s understanding of and faith in nonviolence: “The world rests upon the bedrock of satya or truth.… READ MORE...

Do you need a life re-set?

I hope you had a wonderful summer. This was one of the more joyful summers I have spent in a long time and at the same time very full. I live on the West Coast and have for the last 15 years, but all of my close family is on the East Coast (New Jersey, Philly, and FL). I was fortunate to visit them. Personally and professionally there has been a bit of travel amongst all the other tasks and responsibilities on my plate and it was beginning to feel like “too much.” This weekend I took a BIG pause and spent 2 days with much less technology, I caught up on sleep, ate really clean (meaning I had less caffeine and sugar in the form of dark chocolate), did some singing, dancing, and more meditating, spent time with friends, and came back into center.

Even I who knows what it takes to be healthy, flourishing, and well can get lost in the information overload, the fast pace of life, the desiring, fixing, and comparing mind, and the future planning vs.… READ MORE...

Did you know that owning your desire= power?

What do you most deeply desire for your life?

Now, before you move onto the next email,
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This is a BIG question to ponder, but necessary.
This is what I have come to realize. When we acknowledge our deepest desires for our life, we are able to attract and create that life. ​​​​​​​
Does this sound familiar?

” I feel stuck in my life. I am just barely getting through the essential things I need to do everyday, but there are mountains of “to dos” that need my attention. Where do I find the time for myself and the things that really matter to me?”

” I desire greater intimacy, authenticity, and connection with my friends and loved ones, but I don’t know how to ask for this?.”

” I don’t feel like I am offering my gifts in a way that is rewarded or acknowledged and I wonder if its time to seek another profession?”… READ MORE...