How to succeed even when you have slipped…

How to turn a slip into success!

We are 3 weeks into the New Year. How is it going? I know at this time of the year, some of you might just be identifying what you want to learn and grow in 2015, while some of you started off with a bang and may have had a slip along the way. No matter, where you are or where you started, it is inevitable that along the way, you will slip.

This is what I want you to remember… No matter how bad you think your slip is, it does NOT mean failure.

Slips are normal and they give us an opportunity to course correct, learn, and grow.

5 steps for turning slips into success:

1) What was your trigger before you slipped? I was tired, frustrated, bored, someone put doughnuts on my desk, it was cold and I didn’t want to go to the gym…

2) What was your behavior after the trigger?

Without the muck, there is no lotus…How to get through the difficult times

Let your lotus bloom

Has this scenario happened to you, life was in “your control” and then something very unexpected happened?

  • The man/woman you loved so deeply decided they couldn’t be in your relationship anymore.
  • Your best friend needs space and isn’t willing to speak to you and you don’t know if the relationship can be repaired.
  • A family member or friend of yours unexpectedly develops a fatal illness or dies.
  • You lose your job and there is no cushion to land on.
  • Your child comes down with a debilitating mental or physical illness.

Yes, these things happen in life and we never know when they are going to happen to any of us. I personally have experienced two of these scenarios and am actually presently going through one of them right now. I have witnessed many, many clients and students go through many variations of difficulty and loss. Loss is a part of life and even as I write this I notice resistance in my mind and body because I do NOT want that to be true, but it is.… READ MORE...

How to expect the unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

I hope you are well. I had clients this week share some rather big transitions and adjustments. Every time we think life is moving along fairly smoothly sometimes we are surprised with the unexpected. Change is the constant in life and as human beings we tend to like some regularity. Ups and downs tend to leave us feeling off balance.

Some ups and downs that occur are

  • the loss of a job
  • a family member or friend is diagnosed with a terminal or debilitating illness
  • we have a car accident
  • our natural resources like food and water may not be as abundant as they once were

This is the normal and change is always happening.

I live in Northern California and last week, our governor put a mandate on our water usage to reduce it by 25%. This is less than what we really need to mitigate our drought and water problem, but its a start to create more mindfulness on water consumption.… READ MORE...