How to Calm Emotional Triggers At Work and In Life with Carley Hauck

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Welcome to season five of The Shine Podcast. This season is going to be focused on leaders and topics related to how we continue to move through the challenges and the complexity that we are all navigating in our workplaces, our home life and the greater world. In today’s episode, I will share what I know about the science on triggers, why they are caused, and where they’re coming from. I am going to offer you a few helpful practices on how to calm emotional triggers that you can use in your life and share with others. My goal is to help you learn how to cultivate a strong inner game that will enable you to navigate triggers skillfully. The inner game rules the outer game, and the six qualities of the inner game that I’ve identified and highlighted in my new book really support one to navigate triggers skillfully, create healthy boundaries, and then have the brave exchanges so that the patterns that cause the trigger are minimized, and/or maybe even uprooted.


Conscious Entrepreneurship with Suzi Sosa

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Are you a CEO, a founder or a leader in the C suite? Did you have to let go of half your employees in 2020 or some of your senior leadership team? Or are you going through a huge reorganization of your business and trying to figure out how to be skillful, navigate racial inequities at work? And lets throw another piece into the mix, it’s the middle of a pandemic! It sounds like a movie, but its not. You are not alone my friend.

Our topic for today is conscious entrepreneurship with Suzi Sosa. Suzi is CEO and co-founder of Verb, a learning development platform, a loving mom, a friend, a sister, and a social entrepreneur. In this interview, we are going deep into three timely topics, each of which will provide you with applicable action steps to lead more consciously at work and in your life.


Be the Change: When you care about social impact, but your company doesn’t with Bryan Breckenridge

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In this interview, I am joined by Bryan Breckenridge, the Head of Snyk Impact. We speak about the intersectionality of social impact, commercial scale, and climate strategy to reduce carbon so that business operations can be more socially and environmentally responsible. Bryan gives recommendations to leaders in businesses who want to align with the ESGs now, the short term, and the long view to create incentive structures and systems that align with more social and environmental responsibility.


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